Angel Wood Yogis

Yoga is a great way to help balance our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. The word Yoga literally means to 'Yoke' or to come together. This is a practice that is seated within Spiritual awareness, where the practitioner is encouraged to dive into their own personal exploration to make a connection that has meaning to you. 

The physical practice of Yoga (Asana) is just one of the many philosophies and practices that makes up Yoga.

During your practice with Angel Wood Yogis you are encouraged to find your own path in a way that supports you. You do not have to be the most flexible or athletic person to practice and benefit from Yoga, which is why so many people enjoy the accessibility of it, along with the many styles and variations that Yoga Asana practice has to offer. 

Currently the sessions are offered over Zoom so you can join live from the comfort of your own home, they are also recorded and offered as part of the Angel Wood Yogis Subscription so you have access to at any time again and again!

Classes that are available include:

Wednesday Evening  Restorative Nidra 9:15pm 

Completely step back and relax. Restorative is a complete support form of yoga where the body holds poses for 15 mins up to 45 mins at a time. This also for space to be found, along with the peace and quietness that the practice allows. Teamed with the Yoga of Sleep, Yoga Nidra is built into the final pose of the session to really enhance your relaxation and help you to release stress and tension. The perfect way to end your working week. The best thing about it, you can practice in your pyjamas and go straight up to bed once you have finished! Bliss! 


Sunday Morning Gentle Vinyasa Flow 8am 

Start your Sundays the right way with a Gentle Morning Vinyasa Flow to really help you wake up and feel the energy in a nurturing and gentle way. 

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Only £9.99 per month or £99 for a 12 month subscription!

Alternatively you can book individual Classes for £5 each - contact Laura to book onto a class.