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Certificate in Warm Bamboo Massage 

For existing Massage Therapists who are looking to enhance their treatments by incorporating Warm Bamboo into their treatments. Warm bamboo massage is a great way to provide a deeper massage without the physical force. Perfect for deep tissue and sports massage practitioners who are looking for an alternative to support their techniques or for those who are wanting to use the bamboo to provide a more luxurious, spa treatment. You will find that they are a very versatile tool, that your clients will love. 

The is course is accredited with ABT and CMA. 

Date: You can book your own date online! 

Investment: £160 

Certificate in Pregnancy Massage

This course is suitable for Massage therapists who hold a Level 3 qualification, equivalent or above. It covers all of the in-depth anatomy and physiology relating to pregnancy, birth and postpartum, along with the legal and safety regulations that you need to consider when treating an expectant mom. We will also cover a full body routine covering adaptions and new techniques to help support your moms during their pregnancy and beyond and have full continued support, information and video demonstrations of the techniques. 

The course is accredited with ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists), IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) and recognised by the FHT for those who have a massage qualification that they recognise.

You will be taught by an experienced Holistic/Massage Therapist who is also a qualification Antenatal Teacher and Doula. 

Date: You can your own date!


Investment: £160.00  

Crystal Essences Workshop

This workshop is open to Therapists and for those who are attending for interest purposes.

During this workshop we will be looking at Crystal Essences, what they are, what they can be used for and how to make our own. 

This workshop will be both theoretical and practical. You will be creating your own crystal essences to take home with you. All products and equipment will be provided, along with handouts and instructions. 

There is only 4 places available on this course.

Date: You can choose a date through the booking system.

Investment: £60

Certificate in Hand Reflexology 

Suitable for Reflexologist or those who are interested for self-help.

This course covers a full protocol for providing hand reflexology to clients or for themselves. The course will include all of the professional adaptions, considerations along with Hand Maps and routines. 

This course is accredited with ABT and IPHM

There is only 4 places available on this training.

Date: You can choose your date through the booking system.

Investment £99

Usui Reiki 1st Degree

Start your path to Reiki by Attuning and learning how to safely and effectively channel the energy. During Reiki 1 you will learn what Reiki is, how it works and how to channel healing vibrations for yourself, friends and family. This journey can enhance your own spiritual development and if you wish can then allow you to progress onto Reiki 2 where you can develop your knowledge and practice further, and even move onto practising Reiki professionally and then onto Reiki 3 Master/Teacher where you can then move onto attuning others to Reiki. 

This course is held over 1 day and requires home study prior to attending the course.

Course Accreditation with ABT and CMA

Investment: £160 

Date: You can choose your date through the online booking system. 

Working with Meridians and Crystals Workshop

Learn about the Meridian System and how to work with Crystals to help balance and clear energy blockages. This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in Meridians and Crystals, and also professional therapists. 

Investment: £60

Date: You can book your date through the bookings system. 

Advanced Crystals and Distant Healing Workshop

During this workshop we look at more unusual Crystals and their properties. We will also look at how to carry out a distant healing session with crystals. This course is suitable for existing Crystal Therapists and Energy workers such as Reiki Practitioners.

Investment: £60 

Date: You can book your own date through the booking system online. 

Certificate in Hot Stone Reflexology

Learn how to incorporate the wonderful warming and soothing benefits of Hot Stones (and also the into-inflammatory and stimulating benefits of cold stones) to your Reflexology Treatments. Stone therapy is a fabulous tool to enhance your treatments and provide your clients with added benefits for a wide variety of reasons. 



Anatomy and Physiology



Accreditation: ABT and IPHM


Date:  You can book your date online through the booking system.

Investment: £160 

Certificate in Angel and Oracle Card Reading 

Learn the art of reading Angel and Oracle cards to help provide insight and connect vibrationally in order to guide others or yourself. This is a professional qualification allowing you to gain insurance and charge for readings. This course will take you through the basics, up to more advanced readings looking at meanings, signs, symbols and learning to link in to your own intuition and clients energies. This is a skill that develops with practice so home study and plenty of practice readings will be required. 

Date: Sunday 26th January 2020

Accreditation: IPHM

There are only 4 places available

Investment: £160 

Certificate in Colour Therapy

Learn all about the impact of Colour, how it can be used to help balance a clients energies and vibrations. We learn all about the different colours, their own vibrations and how they can be used to have a positive impact for people. This therapy is suitable for beginners or for more experienced Therapists. It can be a wonderful therapy in its own right or combined to enhance other therapies. Your limits are endless. 

Date: Sunday 23rd February 2020

Accreditation: ABT and IPHM

There are only 4 places available 

Investment: £160 

Certificate in Facial Rejuvenation 

Combining the Ancient Chinese and Indian Traditions, along with Reflexology, Natural Facial Rejuvenation is a natural way to stimulate the muscles and cells of the skin to encourage skins elasticity and youthfulness without the need for invasive and uncomfortable procedures. This treatment focuses on a more nurturing approach, embracing the changes your skin goes through, whilst combating premature signs of ageing. We cannot prevent the ageing process, however we can ensure that we look after our skin with this treatment. It is also a very deeply calming and therapeutic treatment that can help reduce stress. 

A great additional to existing therapies such as facials or suitable as a stand alone treatment for beginners. One that your clients and yourself will love.

Date: Sunday 8th March 2020

Accreditation: ABT and IPHM

There is only 1 place available.

Investment: £160 

Certificate in Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

Learn the therapeutic techniques to help prevent or reduce the symptoms of conditions such as Oedema and Lymphedema. This very specific and targeted treatment isn't what you would expect from a massage therapy and is normally used as a form of maintenance popular with clients who have been through surgery (including cosmetic) as well as clients who are going through or recovering from cancer. 


Date: Sunday 22nd March 2020 


Accreditation: ABT and IPHM


There is only 1 place available.


Investment: £160 

Certificate in Hands Free Massage

This course is for existing massage therapists to learn forearm and elbow techniques in order to preserve their joints and prevent RSI. One of the main causes for massage therapists to have to stop working is because of the strain and damage caused by using techniques that put unnecessary strain. These techniques not only allow you to continue to work in the job you love, but also help to provide a more effective treatment for your clients.

Date: Sunday 26th April 2020

Accreditation: ABT and IPHM 

There are only 2 places available.

Investment: £160

Crystals and Sacred Geometry Workshop

This workshop is open for anyone, Professional Therapists who are looking to work with Sacred Geometry and Crystals in their practice and for those who are interested for personal growth and development. 

We look at what exactly is Sacred Geometry, the meaning of the different shapes and how we can work with crystals to enhance their power. 

Want to attend this workshop? Contact Laura on laura@angel-wood.co.uk to arrange a date. 

Invest: £60

Availability is limited to only 4 people on this workshop. 

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