Have a look at all of the wonderful therapies that are on offer. More detailed descriptions are on the way. In the meantime if you have any questions about the therapies please email Laura at 

Therapeutic Massage:

 Using a range of techniques from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports or more gentle Aromatherapy style tailored to suit you. Essential oils also blended during the treatment at no extra cost. 

30min treatment: £30


60min treatment: £45


90min treatment: £60

Pregnancy Massage:

Suitable from 12 weeks gestation up until 42 weeks. This massage is specifically tailored to support your changing body and help to relieve common pregnancy aches and pains. Having a Maternity Aromatherapy qualification also means that I can blend safe Aromatherapy oils to enhance the therapeutic benefits and your experience. 

30min treatment: £30


60min treatment: £45

90min treatment: £60

Indian Head Massage:

This wonderfully relaxing and balancing treatment has its roots from Ancient Ayurvedic traditions is versatile and can be provided full seated or part seated and part lying down, with or without oil. 

30min treatment: £30


60min treatment: £45


90min treatment: £60

Manual Lymphatic Drainage:

This effective therapy is specifically designed to help support the lymphatic system, working on targeted areas to help prevent or manage conditions such as Lymphedema, Lipedema . This treatment is commonly used to support people who have had lymph nodes removed and those who have undergone surgery including corrective and cosmetic. 

30min treatment: £30 - block booking of 10 treatments £280 (to be taken no more than 1 months apart)

45min treatment: £37.50 - block booking of 10 treatments £330 (to be taken no more than 1 months apart)

60min treatment: £45 - block booking of 10 treatments £390 (to be taken no more than 1 months apart)

Gentle Touch Reflexology:

A deeply soothing and therapeutic form of reflexology, this method of reflexology provides the same benefits of traditional reflexology without the discomfort that using firm pressure may bring. Using only gentle pressure to stimulate internal balance and encourage self-healing. This form of reflexology is also considered safe for most - and has less restrictions due to health, so those who may not have been able to receive reflexology in the past, may be able to receive this method. 

30min treatment: £30

60min treatment: £45

Tibetan Acu-Sound Therapy:

Using the benefit of acupressure and the vibrational healing of sound to balance energy systems.

45min treatment: £40

Supporting Conception / Maternity Reflexology:

Gentle touch reflexology that is specifically tailored to support your conception journey for both men and  women, although as with anything unfortunately there are no guarantees, however Reflexology may help to reduce stress and promote balance within the body, including hormones, a personalised consultation and treatment plan will be discussed and agreed during the first treatment, however I would suggest considering that the most benefit would be to be prepared to commit to weekly treatments for at least 3 months (courses discounts are available) to ensure that you are prepared to allow yourself the time to respond to the treatment.

Reflexology can be a wonderful treatment to support an expectant mom and her baby. Using the Gentle Touch approach, combined with my training and birth work experience also means that this treatment is also suitable during the first trimester and throughout pregnancy, up until birth. 

60min treatment: £45 -

Course of 12 weekly treatments £480 

Course of 12 weekly treatments for both partners £840 (24 treatments)

Hot Stone Massage / Warm Bamboo / Salt of the Earth:

Hot Stone Massage - combines the warmth from heated smooth basalt stones to provide a deeply soothing and tension relieving therapy without the pressure of a deep tissue massage. 

Warm Bamboo Massage - this treatments uses warmed pieces of bamboo to provide a therapeutic and deep massage, ideal for more stubborn areas of tension.

Salt of the Earth Massage - A truly warming, luxurious therapy using a combination of heated basalt stones, himalayan salt stones and clear quartz to provide physical relaxation, along with the energetic and spiritual cleansing and energising properties of the Himalayan Salt and Clear Quartz.


30min: £35


60min: £55


90min: £75


Reiki: A form of energy healing that uses universal energy that the practitioner channels to help restore the energies/vibrations of the client for their highest good. This can be used to help restore balance on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. Usui is the traditional style of Reiki.  

Violet Flame Reiki: Channels universal energy whilst working with the energies of Quan Yin and the Violet Flame. This is a powerful form of energy healing which is good at clearing deep attachments and long  standing energetic blocks.  Channeling universal energy the same as Usui, but also bringing in the vibrations of the Angels to support the healing process. 

Ahara Reiki: Working with the energies of Ra, Isis and Bast. This wonderful Egyptian Reiki uses ancient symbols and energies to help guide, support and heal on your life's journey.

ReikiMama: Reiki specially for expectant Moms and their babies. To help energetically support pregnancy and help set up distant Reiki for when it is time for baby to be born.


Crystal Therapy:

Using the natural healing vibrations of crystals that have formed in the Earth for thousands of years to help restore and rebalance our own energy field and Chakras (energy centres). For thousands of years we have been drawn to using crystals for healing and balancing. We have worn them as protective talismans, ground them into medicines and still even now crystals and their ability to store information and their vibrations are used in most modern technologies. During the treatment specifically chosen crystals are placed on and around your energy field and clothed body to allow their vibrations to have a positive impact on your own energy system. 




Angel Card Reading:

Angel Card Readings are a great tool to help you connect with your energies and gain some insight to where you are which may be able to provide you with some focus and clarity to help you move forward. It is not fortune telling, nor is it about making your decisions for you. It is about empowering you by encouraging inner reflection based on the energies that are picked up through the cards as they are seen as a way to access your current vibration and providing a visual aid. 


(Disclaimer: readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not be seen as the answers to your life's problems and your actions should not be controlled by the outcome of the reading). 




Chakra Balancing Massage:

Combing the therapeutic benefits of an Aromatherapy Massage with a Crystal Healing Chakra balance. The perfect way to soothe your mind, body and soul. 


90min: £75


with Hot Stones: £90



Ear Candling:

Ear Candling or Thermal Auricular Therapy is another ancient practice where hollow candles made of natural cotton and wax (and protective filters) are placed in the outer ears one at a time where the natural heat and vibration of the candle burning down at a safe and controlled rate helps to create an almost massage like effect to the middle and inner ears encouraging the natural clearing and cleansing process, helpful to ease a wide range of ears, eyes, nose, throat and head ailments such as allergies, excessive ear wax, tinnitus, sinusitis and more. Combined with acupressure and drainage  massage this highly underestimated and effective treatment has a surprisingly relaxing and therapeutic effect. 

30mins just the candles: £30


60mins with lymphatic drainage and acupressure massage: £45

Pick Me up Facial:

A mini facial using Botanicals Organic Skincare to include, cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mini massage and moisturise. 


30mins: £30


Simply Beautiful Facial:

A full facial using Botanicals Organic Skincare to include, cleanse, tone, exfoliation, heat treatment, massage (neck, face and scalp), mask, eye cream, facial serum, and moisturise.


60min: £45


Eastern Facial Rejuvenation:

Using a blend of acupressure, reflexology and naturally lifting and stimulating techniques to help keep the skin youthful and toned when received on a regular basis, this therapy also includes a full Simply beautiful facial, along with an hours facial rejuvenation massage.


120mins: £75


Heavenly Rose Facial:

An hours facial using the Rose Botanicals Organic Skincare Range including a heated Rose Quartz Facial massage and chakra balance.


75min: £52.50


Facial Reflexology:

All the benefits of Reflexology, however the treatment is carried out on the Face. This therapy can have particularly beneficial effects on emotional release. 


45min: £37.50

75min: £52.50 (including a Pick-Me-Up Facial)

75min: £52.50 (including Thermal Auricular Therapy)

105min: £65 (including a Pick-Me-Up Facial and Thermal Auricular Therapy)

105mins: £65 (including a Simply Beautiful Facial)

135mins: £95 (including a Simply Beautiful Facial and Thermal Auricular Therapy)


Meditation Sessions 121:

Specifically tailored sessions to help deepen your focus and clarity, ease stress and help you to learn how to continue your meditation practice at home. These use a variety of different styles of meditation so you can find out which you work best with.


60min: £30

10 x 60min: £270


Meditation Group:

Do you have a group of friends and would like to get together to enjoy the benefits of Meditation? They can be focused on particular themes and techniques. 


Private Group of 5 attendees: £7 each (1 hour session)

Private Group 5 attendees: £60 each (for 10, 1 hour sessions)



Flower Essence Therapy:

Using the healing vibrations from plants to restore energetic imbalance. The can be taken orally similar to homeopathic remedies. This is more of a consultation based therapy where at the end you will have a specifically blended Essence to take away and use. 


Initial Consultation and Blend 120min: £75

Further Consultation and Blend 60min: £45

Add a Flower Essence Remedy to a Treatment: £15


Mom to Be Sacred Space Group Sessions:

Group meditations for expectant moms to reconnect with themselves, and their babies.


90min: £10


Mum to Be 121 Meditation:


60min: £30


Mom to Be Top and Toe Package:

A 30min Organic Facial and 30min Reflexology





Mom to Be Package:

30min facial, 30min back massage or reflex and 30min reiki




Just For Him:

30min facial, 30min back massage and 30min hand & arm massage or reflexology




Distance Reiki:

Perfect if you can't get to an appointment. A time and date is arranged, however you just make sure that you get comfortable at home whilst I channel the Reiki from my therapy room. Energy does not have the boundaries that our physical bodies have, so it can be still just as beneficial. 




Distance Crystal Therapy:

Once again perfect if you can't make an appointment, as it is an energy therapy it can be carried out distantly. Just ensure you can get  comfortable and be undisturbed for when the therapy is scheduled for. 




Email or Zoom Angel Card Reading:


Specific Packages and Treatment combinations:

Would you like to choose what treatments you would like to combine, then that's not a problem if you email Laura: then we can discuss options, however prices would be based on time (although additional costs may be added for Hot Stones, Warm Bamboo or Salt of the Earth treatment combinations).

60mins worth of treatments £45

75mins worth of treatment £52.50

90mins worth of treatments £60.00

105mins worth of treatments £70.00

120mins worth of treatments £90.00

135mins worth of treatments £95.00

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