Traditional Ayurvedic Therapies

Ayurveda - means the Science of Life and is the Traditional Indian Medicinal System. Built around ancient philosophies and wisdom of our natural kingdom, therapies have been passed down over thousands of years to help provide balance and natural healing. These therapies are not only divine to receive but also utilise the Ayurvedic knowledge on health and well-being to provide a therapeutic experience that many people love and find beneficial. 

Indian Head Massage/Champissage:


This wonderfully relaxing and balancing treatment has its roots from Ancient Ayurvedic traditions is versatile and can be provided full seated or part seated and part lying down, with or without oil. If you choose to use oil with your treatment you will have a bespoke blend of authentic carrier and essential oils to help balance your Prana (energy). 

30min treatment: £30

60min treatment: £45

90min treatment: £60

Kansa Wand Facial:

The Kansa Wand is a traditional Ayurvedic tool which helps to balance your energetic systems when massaged on Marma points to help release blocked energy and encourage the body to restore balance. This therapeutic facial massage is combined with traditional Ayurvedic oils to help balance your Dosha System, along with all of the elements you wold expect in a facial treatment, except you will have a facial exfoliant, mask and oil that have been up especially for you during the treatment to support your specific requirements.  

75min treatment: £52.50  

30min Indian Head Massage and Kansa Wand Facial: £70

120min combined Indian Head Massage and Kansa Wand Facial: £90