Reflexology Treatments

Reflexology is an ancient therapy that has undergone a huge transformation over the past 100 years or so. With lots of new research and progression from many leadings experts in this therapy, Reflexology is paving the way for integrative health supported by many therapists and clients who have experienced the therapy and its many potential benefits. From aiding stress relief, to easing digestive issues, supporting conception and easing lymph drainage. This therapy is a must for those who want to support their bodies natural healing process. This therapy can also be provided on not only the Feet, but also the Hands, Face and Ears! So there is a form of Reflexology to Suit everyone! 

Gentle Touch Reflexology:

A deeply soothing and therapeutic form of reflexology, this method of reflexology provides the same benefits of traditional reflexology without the discomfort that using firm pressure may bring. Using only gentle pressure to stimulate internal balance and encourage self-healing. This form of reflexology is also considered safe for most - and has less restrictions due to health, so those who may not have been able to receive reflexology in the past, may be able to receive this method. 

30min treatment: £30

60min treatment: £45

Supporting Conception / Maternity Reflexology:

Gentle touch reflexology that is specifically tailored to support your conception journey for both men and  women, although as with anything unfortunately there are no guarantees, however Reflexology may help to reduce stress and promote balance within the body, including hormones, a personalised consultation and treatment plan will be discussed and agreed during the first treatment, however I would suggest considering that the most benefit would be to be prepared to commit to weekly treatments for at least 3 months (courses discounts are available) to ensure that you are prepared to allow yourself the time to respond to the treatment.

Reflexology can be a wonderful treatment to support an expectant mom and her baby. Using the Gentle Touch approach, combined with my training and birth work experience also means that this treatment is also suitable during the first trimester and throughout pregnancy, up until birth. 

60min treatment: £45 -

Course of 12 weekly treatments £480 

Course of 12 weekly treatments for both partners £840 (24 treatments​

RLD - Reflexology Lymph Drainage:

This ground breaking Reflexology protocol developed by Sally Kay, which has undergone a number of controlled scientific studies provides an amazing treatment which can be beneficial with people who suffer from...

* Lymphoedema

* Lipoedma 

* Lower Immune System 

* Fibromyalgia 

* ME 

* MS 

* Headaches / Migraines / Sinus issues

* Allergies 

* Fluid Retention 

* And more

This protocol can be provided on the Hands or the Feet! 

60 min treatment £45

Course of Weekly Treatments over 4 weeks £140 (£35 per treatment)

Mini 30min £30 

Course of Weekly Mini treatments over 4 weeks £100 (£25 per treatment)

Hand Reflexology:

Reflexology for those who would like to experience reflexology but who are either unable or would prefer the treatment to be carried out on the hands instead. 

60 min treatment: £45

Mini 30min treatment £30 

Added to another therapy £20 for 30mins



Auricular Reflexology:

An effective form of reflexology. A wonderful treatment on its own, but can be added into another therapy or as a form of homeware with ear seeds that can be kept on for up to 4 days to help prolong the benefits of Reflexology. 


45 min treatment: £40

Home Care Add on : £10

75min: £52.50 (including a Pick-Me-Up Facial)

75min: £52.50 (including Thermal Auricular Therapy)

105min: £65 (including a Pick-Me-Up Facial and Thermal Auricular Therapy)

105mins: £65 (including a Simply Beautiful Facial)

135mins: £95 (including a Simply Beautiful Facial and Thermal Auricular Therapy)

Facial Reflexology:

All the benefits of Reflexology, however, the treatment is carried out on the Face. Facial Reflexology is a deeply relaxing form of Reflexology and can be combined beautifully with a number of other therapies. This therapy can have particularly beneficial effects on emotional release. 


60min: £45.00

90min: £60.00 (including a Pick-Me-Up Facial)

90min: £60.00 (including Thermal Auricular Therapy)

120min: £90 (including a Pick-Me-Up Facial and Thermal Auricular Therapy)

120mins: £90 (including a Simply Beautiful Facial)

150mins: £110 (including a Simply Beautiful Facial and Thermal Auricular Therapy)

Hot Stone Reflexology:

Add the warming and soothing benefit of Hot Stones to either your Foot Reflexology Treatment, Hand Reflexology Treatment or Facial Reflexology.

Hot Stone Add on: £5

Distance Reflexology:

All the potential benefits of Contact Reflexology but from the comfort of your own home. This method of providing reflexology may seem a little different, however using the principles of distant Reiki and the knowledge that energy is everywhere and what everything is made up of, over the lockdown period many of us Reflexologists have been trialling the effectiveness of Reflexology when it is provided distantly. 

All you need to do it make an appointment, ensuring it's at a time when you can relax, be undisturbed in a comfortable position and have access to Zoom. You'll be fully supported and guided through a consultation and the therapy, then brought out of the treatment and aftercare provided as if you were here in person. 

75min appointment: £35

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