Waiting to get back to Practice

I just want to send a passive shout out to everyone for their patience and support over the past 3+ months. It has been an interesting time to say the least and I hope that you are all keeping well.

During this time I have been busy keeping myself up to date with my practice through various meetings, talks and trainings whilst also re-vamping this website a little and looking at my pricing structure and the services that I want to focus on moving forward.

Typically if I am able to open before September I will still unfortunately be on shorter hours due to my husband being back at work full time and having 4 children to keep alive so please note that priority will be given to my regular clients and also to those students who had booked in training with me. I will do my best to accommodate everyone in a fair and thoughtful manner, however at the present time I am not making any face to face appointments because the government has not yet given us any guidance on roughly when they will deem it safe for us to re-open so I would rather wait until the all clear has been officially provided before making anything set in stone.

Either way rest assured that as soon as I have confirmation that I can come back to work properly, I will let you know. I will also be insuring that I will be meeting the full health and safety and PPE guidance as your health is of the most importance.

Keep and eye out for all of the new updated information and exciting changes that will be taking place over the coming weeks and months!

Laura :-)

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