Stepping into 2020

Hi All,

I know that this time of year can bring up a lot of emotions. For many it can be bittersweet, for others it can be so overwhelming and for some you may just feel the need to hide away.

For me this time of year is about family and I have ensured that I have made changes to take the pressure off which has been nice. Christmas is probably the one time of year I give myself a decent break - as being self-employed and also being ‘part time’ it’s easy to forget that I’m still entitled to holiday 🙈

Ive had an extra bit of a break due to my phone breaking on the 23rd (apologies if you’ve tried to contact me during then). Which although was inconvenient has also been a blessing in disguise. As you can tell, I now have a new phone and I’m making up for the lost time!!

However you feel about this time of year and however you have spent it, I hope that you have been kind to yourselves and spent it with the people in your lives who mean the most to you.

I wish you all the best for 2020 and hope to see you in the new year.



X )0( X

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