Lots of Changes

Hi Everyone. Welcome to the Angel Wood Therapies Blog :-)

Hopefully this is the start of lots more interaction and information that will enable you to keep up to date with what going on.

The biggest change is that as of the 8th August 2019, I have left the premises on the Lower High Street in Stourbridge and will be working from a purpose built room from home. This will allow for a better work life balance. However the room will not be completed until mid-September 2019.

I am already taking bookings from the week commencing 16th September!! :-)

My availability will be changing slightly...

Tuesday evenings from 6pm

Thursday evenings from 6pm

Friday daytimes from 9:30am

Sundays - running training and workshops

Keep an eye out for further updates - there are already upcoming workshops and training listed on the website and Wix App.

I look forward to seeing you all soon,

Love, Light and Blessing,

Laura )0( xxx

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