Massage Therapies 

Therapeutic Massage:

 Using a range of techniques from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports or more gentle Aromatherapy style tailored to suit you. Essential oils also blended during the treatment at no extra cost. 

30min treatment: £30


60min treatment: £45


90min treatment: £60


Pregnancy Massage:

Suitable from 12 weeks gestation up until 42 weeks. This massage is specifically tailored to support your changing body and help to relieve common pregnancy aches and pains. Having a Maternity Aromatherapy qualification also means that I can blend safe Aromatherapy oils to enhance the therapeutic benefits and your experience. 

30min treatment: £30


60min treatment: £45

90min treatment: £60



Indian Head Massage:

This wonderfully relaxing and balancing treatment has its roots from Ancient Ayurvedic traditions is versatile and can be provided full seated or part seated and part lying down, with or without oil. 

30min treatment: £30


60min treatment: £45


90min treatment: £60



Manual Lymphatic Drainage:

This effective therapy is specifically designed to help support the lymphatic system, working on targeted areas to help prevent or manage conditions such as Lymphedema, Lipedema . This treatment is commonly used to support people who have had lymph nodes removed and those who have undergone surgery including corrective and cosmetic. 

30min treatment: £30 - block booking of 10 treatments £280 (to be taken no more than 1 months apart)

45min treatment: £37.50 - block booking of 10 treatments £330 (to be taken no more than 1 months apart)

60min treatment: £45 - block booking of 10 treatments £390 (to be taken no more than 1 months apart)

Hot Stone Massage / Warm Bamboo / Salt of the Earth:

Hot Stone Massage - combines the warmth from heated smooth basalt stones to provide a deeply soothing and tension relieving therapy without the pressure of a deep tissue massage. 

Warm Bamboo Massage - this treatments uses warmed pieces of bamboo to provide a therapeutic and deep massage, ideal for more stubborn areas of tension.

Salt of the Earth Massage - A truly warming, luxurious therapy using a combination of heated basalt stones, himalayan salt stones and clear quartz to provide physical relaxation, along with the energetic and spiritual cleansing and energising properties of the Himalayan Salt and Clear Quartz.


30min: £35


60min: £55


90min: £75


Specific Packages and Treatment combinations:

Would you like to choose what treatments you would like to combine, then that's not a problem if you email Laura: then we can discuss options, however prices would be based on time (although additional costs may be added for Hot Stones, Warm Bamboo or Salt of the Earth treatment combinations).

60mins worth of treatments £45

75mins worth of treatment £52.50

90mins worth of treatments £60.00

105mins worth of treatments £70.00

120mins worth of treatments £90.00

135mins worth of treatments £95.00

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