BirthPower Packages

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Are you an expectant parent or know someone who is? The BirthPower Packages are a great way to support and prepare for pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond. There are a range of tailored packages to choose from, so you can ensure that you have all of the guidance and support that is perfect for you. 

We are currently developing part of the Packages at the moment so watch this space, as they will be available soon, however here are the options that are available. I can also offer even more individualised options if there are aspects of a certain packages that you would like to change. 

For more information contact Laura on:

Package 1: Online Antenatal Prep

These are a range of lessons broken down to help you prepare for the last few months of pregnancy, labour, birth and the first few weeks of parenting, this includes specialised relaxation and breathing techniques. They will include videos, labour prep and birthing meditation recordings, pdf handouts, charts, links to other sources of information and more. You can also contact Laura with any questions that you may have at anytime during the process via messaging. 

Investment: £49 

Package 2: Antenatal Confident

All of benefits of Package 1 with the added benefit of 1 Face to Face 2 hour session based in Stourbridge West Midlands to run through any of the information and talk about your specific birth plan and ask any personalised questions. 

Investment: £99

Package 3: Antenatal Calm

All of the benefits of the first 2 packages, along with a 60 minute Pregnancy Massage or Reflexology for the expectant Mom.

Investment: £139

Package 4: Antenatal Ready

All of the benefits of packages 1-3 however instead of 1 treatment it includes 3 treatments for the expectant mom and a specifically blended maternity and labour oil. 

Investment: £209

Package 5: Antenatal Nurtured

All of the benefits of the packages 1-4 however it includes 6 treatments for the expectant mom and also an extra 1 hour face to face birth preparation session. 

Investment: £329

* Please note that treatments can be taken by the Expectant mother up to 6 months past her estimated due date, or the treatments can be divided between the expected mom and her birthing partner. 

* Additional 1 hour treatment will be an additional £35. Additional 1 hour face to face birth plan sessions would be an additional £35 and additional 2 hour birth planning sessions would be £60. 

* Payment plans must be paid in full upon booking. See cancellation policy for cancellation details.