Baby and Child Therapies

Baby Massage:

Learn how to provide therapeutic massage for your little one. It is great for growth, development and bonding. This is a lovely way for parents to connect with their babies and gain confidence in their parenting. Helping to soothe and nurture their babies. 

Online Classes coming soon

Online Course: £9.99  you can purchase HERE!



Baby Reflexology:

Learn how to provide a range of baby reflexology routines that can help support them with their growth and development, these routines include a respiratory supporting, teething routine and digestive support and more... these techniques can be great not just while they are babies but also as they grow! 

Online Classes coming soon

Online Course: £9.99 you can purchase HERE!



Mom and Baby Yoga:

Enjoy the gentle benefits of Yoga for you and your little one. Suitable from 6 weeks up to 18 months. Suitable for moms as soon as you feel ready (6 weeks pp for c-section) as the poses are gentle and tailored for new moms. 

Online Classes coming soon




Toddler Yoga:

 Music and story based yoga for your little movers. Great for building strength and co-ordination as well as increasing their bodily awareness. Suitable for 18months - 3/4 years. 

Online Classes coming soon




Child Therapies:

 Reflexology and Massage therapies are avaialable for under 16's as long as parents are present. If you child is suffering from stress, ailments, etc. Complementary therapies can be a big help. I can also offer tailored relaxation and meditation sessions.

30min treatment: £30

Course of 6 treatments: £150

Rainbow Children:

 Rainbow children are interactive workshops that help children to express themselves, build confidence through story, chakras and yoga. They are aimed at helping children to understand themselves on a mental, emotional, and physical level. Suitable for children aged 4-10

Online Classes coming soon

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