Auricular Therapies

The Ear is quite often overlooked however it is responsible for one of our essential senses and helps us to maintain balanced. When look at the ears in energetic terms there are many meridians that start and finish close to the ears and mama points from both the Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Traditions. The ears are also well supplied by the lymphatic system with lymphatic nodes all around the ears and neck as well as being supplied with a rich blood supply.. Ear Candling and Ear Reflexology can be a very relaxing and therapeutic treatment to help provide relief from a number of ailments. 


Ear Candling/Thermal Auricular Therapy:

Ear Candling or Thermal Auricular Therapy is another ancient practice where hollow candles made of natural cotton and wax (and protective filters) are placed in the outer ears one at a time where the natural heat and vibration of the candle burning down at a safe and controlled rate helps to create an almost massage like effect to the middle and inner ears encouraging the natural clearing and cleansing process, helpful to ease a wide range of ears, eyes, nose, throat and head ailments such as allergies, excessive ear wax, tinnitus, sinusitis and more. Combined with acupressure and drainage  massage this highly underestimated and effective treatment has a surprisingly relaxing and therapeutic effect. 


30mins just the candles: £30

60mins with lymphatic drainage and acupressure massage: £45

Auricular Reflexology:

An effective form of reflexology. A wonderful treatment on its own, but can be added into another therapy or as a form of homeware with ear seeds that can be kept on for up to 4 days to help prolong the benefits of Reflexology. 


45 min treatment: £40

Home Care Add on: £10

75min: £52.50 (including a Pick-Me-Up Facial)

75min: £52.50 (including Thermal Auricular Therapy)

105min: £75 (including a Pick-Me-Up Facial and Thermal Auricular Therapy)

105mins: £75 (including a Simply Beautiful Facial)

135mins: £110 (including a Simply Beautiful Facial and Thermal Auricular Therapy)