Enhance your spirituality with


Join us for 16 magical weeks where we will be learning all about Angels, who they are, where they come from, their purpose,  how to deepen your connection with them.

This course is suitable for everyone who has an interest with the Angelic Kingdom, and what's more the is course is ran distantly with you having online access as well as being part of an amazing community of like minded, supportive people. 

Included with the Angelic Connections course is...

* Information on 15 ArchAngels including who they are, what they represent, their history and how to connect with them.

* 15 Meditations to enhance your connection.

* Weekly information on methods and techniques to help bring Angelic Vibrations into your daily life from Crystals, Alters, Angel Cards, Dowsing and much, much more. 

You will also receive exclusive discounts...

* Angelic Reiki Attunements

* Angelic Connections Face to Face Workshop (date to be revised depending on current situation)

* And More! 

You will receive weekly access every Sunday starting the 5th April 2020! However you can join at ANYTIME!

All of the above for just  £49.99 and what's even better I even include the option to pay just £12.50 over 4 months!!